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November 15, 2010

Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats

Someone posted this video on Facebook the other day :

I see a lot of similar postings and I can usually ignore them but this one really made me angry so I had to write about it.

The author of the video asks : “Why is it that the majority of the black community consistently votes democratic?”

This seems like a silly question to ask, almost a redundant one.  In fact the only reason that someone would feel the need to ask this question is because they don’t agree with the commonly accepted answer and they want to tell you about it. Well, let’s see what he has to say.

The man in the video (Zo?) goes on and looks back at American history (to approximately the 1850′s I assume).  Some of his claims are as follows :

    1. Rednecks were not responsible for lynchings, democrats were.
    2. The KKK was founded by the Democratic party.
    3. democrats back then threatened people into voting back then.  (just like P-Diddy does today apparently)
    4. Anyone who says today “vote or die” or “Rock the Vote” is actually saying “vote democratic”
    5. We don’t learn this in schools because the unions and the democratic party control the schools
    6. democrats were the pro-slavery, pro-segregation, anti-civil rights party.

      Based on this the author again wonders why the majority of people vote democratic.

      He then goes on to speculate that it was because :

        1. Martin Luther King endorsed democrat John F. Kennedy for president.
        2. This happened because Robert Kennedy helped get MLK out of jail.
        3. Robert Kennedy also gave OK for MLK’s phone to be tapped.
        4. Martin Luther King was a Republican who did not endorse the Kennedy’s because MLK was a pastor who would not endorse candidates.
        5. Martin Luther King’s father was a Republican

          Then he admittedly recites a pretend situation where the Kennedy’s bribe/threaten/blackmail MLK’s family into getting their endorsement.

          His retelling of history continues :

            1. Senator JFK voted against the civil rights bill proposed by the republican President Eisenhower.
            2. Democrats did not like communism back in the 1960′s and then mentions that Hitler also did not like communism.
            3. Hating communism does not make you a conservative or a capitalist
            4. There is a conspiracy today to replace the word democrat in history books with the word conservative.
            5. This is similar to a “conspiracy” where the phrase “global warming” is replaced by the phrase “climate change”.
            6. Global warming is bunk because the author feels cool sometimes, people who believe in global warming just don’t understand the four seasons.
            7. President Truman (democrat) was a member of the KKK
            8. President Truman ended discrimination within the military and among government employees in order to cover up his membership in the KKK
            9. Truman refused to enforce the end of discrimination and it was Eisenhower (Republican) who actually did it.
            10. Any hesitation that Eisenhower had in desegregation of the military and schools was because he respected states rights.
            11. Eisenhower was correct to refuse to MLK’s pleas for more help in desegregating the south because it was MLK’s destiny to do that on his own.
            12. All accomplishments by democrats to progress civil rights were only to improve their own image, when republicans advanced civil rights they did it because it was the right thing to do.
            13. The democrats plan to improve their image was so successful that everyone was fooled.
            14. FDR’s entitlements also helped get many blacks to switch over to the democratic party.
            15. Democrats control the black community today by keeping them down and just giving them things once and awhile.

              The video then changes direction and starts to talk about Senator Robert Byrd, an ex KKK member who was recently in congress.  Some of the things that the author states about Robert Byrd are as follows :

                1. Democrats use “Sith mind tricks” on the public in order to get them to like Byrd.
                2. The only redeeming thing that Byrd did was to leave the KKK.

                  The author then switches back to talking about history and goes on to say :

                    1. Democrats take rights away from black people and republicans restore rights to blacks.
                    2. The advancement of civil rights under Johnson can be attributed to the Republicans in office.
                    3. Wilson and Democrats of today patronize the black community for their votes.
                    4. Wilson segregated the military and fired blacks from federal positions in the government
                    5. Wilson showed pro KKK movies in the white house.
                    6. The Bull Moose party was actually the Republican party so all good things Roosevelt did can be attributed to the Republican party.

                      Back the author then jumps to around the time of the civil war.

                        1. Democrats forced blacks to fight for the confederacy in the civil war.
                        2. Some blacks were fooled into thinking that the Union were the bad guys.
                        3. He makes a comparison today that blacks today are fooled into believing the Republicans are the bad guys much like some blacks in the civil war were fooled into thinking the union was the enemy.
                        4. Democrats today try and argue that Lincoln was indifferent to slavery.
                        5. People who don’t like Lincoln are siding with Democrats.

                          The author then goes back even further to then talk about Thomas Jefferson (a Democratic-Republican).

                            1. It was the republican in Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence.
                            2. It was the democrat in Thomas Jefferson who owned slaves.

                              His rant continues and the following is verbalized

                              • Race baiting liberals keep suckering black people into voting for democrats because…
                                1. Republicans care about the constitution and democrats claim that the constitution states that a black person is less then a white person.
                                2. Public schools are a liberal indoctrination system

                                Now he jumps back to the founding fathers…

                                  1. The founding fathers who were pro slavery went on to form the democratic party
                                  2. The founding fathers who were anti-slavery went on to form the republican party

                                    Back to today..  whey do the blacks to today vote democratic? he asks

                                      1. Blacks have been fooled by the media, education system, and entertainment industry for the past 50 years and that is why they vote democratic.


                                        September 6, 2009

                                        The Gays in the Military Poll


                                        I came across this poll on Facebook recently

                                        Should gays be allowed to serve openly in the US Military?

                                        It should be noted that this is a much different question than if gays should be allowed in the military at all (because they are already there) – the difference being if they can serve “openly” or not.

                                        To me this seems like a pretty easy question – if someone feels patriotic and wants to serve their country, we should allow them to do it – their sexual preferences should not be part of the equation.  Although the reader should know my opinion is that of a straight man who has never been in the military, so perhaps there are some parts of this equation that I am not understanding.

                                        From reading the comments on the Facebook poll it seems that the top reasons that people have for keeping gays out of the military (open or not) are as follows:

                                        1. Belief in a religion that teaches hatred of gays
                                        2. Belief that being gay is a mental illness
                                        3. Concern that a gay person would be beaten and/or killed by other enlisted personal
                                        4. Issues arising from shared showers / sleeping quarters are insurmountable
                                        5. People hating gays for what seems like no reason at all (upbringing?)
                                        6. Personal relationships could sour and damage the cohesiveness of a unit

                                        It seems to me that all of these arguments can be easily dismissed as follows :

                                        1. Religious beliefs are your opinion – they are not fact and should not be forced onto others.
                                        2. The APA disagrees that homosexuality is a mental illness.
                                        3. I don’t think the military wants its soldiers to kill its own.  Those who want to beat and kill American servicemen/women should be removed from the military.
                                        4. I imagine that shared showers / barracks were also an issue when both blacks and women were allowed into the military – we found a way to deal with that – I imagine that we can deal with this too.
                                        5. If someone’s upbringing or mental state causes them to hate a group of people you have never met… that sounds like a mental disorder which would disqualify someone from serving in the military.
                                        6. Personal relationships can sour between a man and a woman just as they can between a same-sex couple…  I don’t see homosexuals causing any new problems here.

                                        I also read a few stories that people had posted regarding homosexuals getting caught having sex in showers or in barracks while in the military.  They made me wonder if this were happening because of the environment that the military is currently fostering.  If they could be openly gay, then perhaps they would not have to sneak around and get caught.  Do hetero couples also need to sneak around to have sex – my impression is that they do.

                                        Another posting indicated that women were not allowed in combat units because the problems associated with sexual tension could complicate the unit’s effectiveness in combat.  Perhaps this would also be a good reason to exclude homosexuals from these units as well.  I would also assume that there would be ways to arrange these units so that women and gays could be included and sexual tension would be minimized.

                                        One reason that was not mentioned in any of the comments that I had read (I just thought it up myself), is that the military needs soldiers who will follow orders without thinking or asking questions.  Gays who live their lives openly have had to reject the traditional roles that society has placed on them, they have learned to live and think “outside the box”.

                                        Generally speaking, someone who tends to question traditional thinking and has learned to live differently from most of those around – would probably make a terrible soldier.


                                        October 10, 2008

                                        response to a random blog posting

                                        Someone sent me this blog posting the other day :


                                        There was a lot mentioned in this posting and there were a few things that I had wanted to comment on.


                                        I don’t think that it is a stretch at all to compare what Fox News and the Bush Administration is doing today to what Hitler did with propaganda in WWII. – More people need to see the parallels and learn from history.

                                        Some of the steam is taken out of the argument simply because the blog posting is on MySpace. Every user who visits that blog generates revenue for News Corp (owner of Fox News) – and in turn makes the Bush Administration stronger.

                                        I think that you are also forgetting religion in your equation. The United States is the most religious developed nation in the world – we are right up there with Turkey and Pakistan. Hitler was a tool of the Catholic Church to wipe out the Jews – and now we have a Born Again Christian declaring war on Muslums claiming that God told him to bring us into 2 wars.

                                        Barak Obama:

                                        Barack Obama is committed to upholding the Second Amendment and promoting policies that will protect wildlife habitat and ensure that hunters and anglers have access to open spaces for generations to come. There are plenty of people who like to think that they can tell us what the candidates positions are better then the candidates themselves – so I am not surprised that there is a rumor claiming that Obama wants to take your guns.

                                        Where do you believe that the 2nd amendment should end? Handguns? Automatic weapons? Flamethrowers? Grenade launchers? The right to bear Nuclear Arms? How do you think that our founding fathers would answer if asked the same question?

                                        Obama voted against the patriot act and now wants to repeal it. He has been against the Iraq war from the beginning. He has had these opinions from the very beginning when most other representatives were too frightened to disagree with Bush. They could not even bully Obama into wearing a silly flag pin – like that is any measure about how patriotic you are.

                                        He is not afraid to be genuine and speak the truth – it is refreshing in a presidential candidate he makes all the others look the same. That is why most people support him – not because of his color or his political party – he inspires people as one of the best public speakers we have seen run for office. He says things that are true – but that nobody has had the courage to say before because they have been afraid of the political fallout. Even if you are correct and he is shot – it is still a huge success for America and the world that he was elected at all. I don’t believe he will be elected myself.

                                        I have never heard anyone claim that Obama can/will fix anything that the Bush Administration has done, or solve anyone’s problems for them. It does sound like something that an Anti-Obama pundit may say in order to explain why people are rallying behind Obama. Show me someone who thinks that anyone can clean up this mess in 8 years and I’ll show you a fool.

                                        What can we do?

                                        You mention that WE are the answer and WE can fix this (Meaningless Platitudes just like ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’) – but my impression is that you may not be voting at all – I am not sure what you are trying to motivate people to do. Even if you don’t trust any of the political candidates (never trust a politician) I would think that you would still want to vote for the candidate whose ideas you like more. On many issues there is no difference – but how about a woman’s right to choose? The Patriot Act? There are plenty of issues where the candidates are much different.

                                        Voting is the only voice that we really have to tell the government what we think – if you don’t like either – you should still be able to pick the one that you hate the least. If you don’t vote – someone will decide for you – and George Bush has granted himself the power to do that – if he knows nobody cares – it will just make it that much easier for him.

                                        World Currency:

                                        I believe that a world currency and a world government is inevitable – it is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. I don’t like the idea – but I don’t think that there is any other way for us to survive as a civilization into the future. Technology is advancing too quickly and eventually suicide bombers will have access to nuclear class weapons. A single world government can unite people so that a war between the US and Iran is just as unlikely as a war between Texas and Vermont. Bush is the only politician who I have heard use the term ‘New World Order’ – and apparently it was a plan started by his father when he ran the CIA. (William Cooper) I don’t believe that Bush and Obama are in league on this initiative.

                                        The End

                                        Thanks for writing this – I love discussions like these.

                                        I do know a lot of people with the same or very similar ideas – the only differences that I see if that the people I know who think like that are all behind Obama.


                                        September 3, 2008

                                        What theme should we use for this Blog?

                                        We can change the look and feel of this Blog quickly by applying any one of many pre-defined themes, here is a large list of themes to look at :


                                        you can also find a bunch by doing a search on google for “wordpress themes”

                                        Please let me know what you think.

                                        Current Events

                                        September 2, 2008

                                        Amy Goodman arrested at Republican National Convention


                                        I wonder if they had her on a list of people who were ‘forbidden’ from answering questions – or if it was simply that she crossed the line when the police had told her not to cross?


                                        September 1, 2008

                                        Hello world!

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