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October 10, 2008

response to a random blog posting

Someone sent me this blog posting the other day :


There was a lot mentioned in this posting and there were a few things that I had wanted to comment on.


I don’t think that it is a stretch at all to compare what Fox News and the Bush Administration is doing today to what Hitler did with propaganda in WWII. – More people need to see the parallels and learn from history.

Some of the steam is taken out of the argument simply because the blog posting is on MySpace. Every user who visits that blog generates revenue for News Corp (owner of Fox News) – and in turn makes the Bush Administration stronger.

I think that you are also forgetting religion in your equation. The United States is the most religious developed nation in the world – we are right up there with Turkey and Pakistan. Hitler was a tool of the Catholic Church to wipe out the Jews – and now we have a Born Again Christian declaring war on Muslums claiming that God told him to bring us into 2 wars.

Barak Obama:

Barack Obama is committed to upholding the Second Amendment and promoting policies that will protect wildlife habitat and ensure that hunters and anglers have access to open spaces for generations to come. There are plenty of people who like to think that they can tell us what the candidates positions are better then the candidates themselves – so I am not surprised that there is a rumor claiming that Obama wants to take your guns.

Where do you believe that the 2nd amendment should end? Handguns? Automatic weapons? Flamethrowers? Grenade launchers? The right to bear Nuclear Arms? How do you think that our founding fathers would answer if asked the same question?

Obama voted against the patriot act and now wants to repeal it. He has been against the Iraq war from the beginning. He has had these opinions from the very beginning when most other representatives were too frightened to disagree with Bush. They could not even bully Obama into wearing a silly flag pin – like that is any measure about how patriotic you are.

He is not afraid to be genuine and speak the truth – it is refreshing in a presidential candidate he makes all the others look the same. That is why most people support him – not because of his color or his political party – he inspires people as one of the best public speakers we have seen run for office. He says things that are true – but that nobody has had the courage to say before because they have been afraid of the political fallout. Even if you are correct and he is shot – it is still a huge success for America and the world that he was elected at all. I don’t believe he will be elected myself.

I have never heard anyone claim that Obama can/will fix anything that the Bush Administration has done, or solve anyone’s problems for them. It does sound like something that an Anti-Obama pundit may say in order to explain why people are rallying behind Obama. Show me someone who thinks that anyone can clean up this mess in 8 years and I’ll show you a fool.

What can we do?

You mention that WE are the answer and WE can fix this (Meaningless Platitudes just like ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’) – but my impression is that you may not be voting at all – I am not sure what you are trying to motivate people to do. Even if you don’t trust any of the political candidates (never trust a politician) I would think that you would still want to vote for the candidate whose ideas you like more. On many issues there is no difference – but how about a woman’s right to choose? The Patriot Act? There are plenty of issues where the candidates are much different.

Voting is the only voice that we really have to tell the government what we think – if you don’t like either – you should still be able to pick the one that you hate the least. If you don’t vote – someone will decide for you – and George Bush has granted himself the power to do that – if he knows nobody cares – it will just make it that much easier for him.

World Currency:

I believe that a world currency and a world government is inevitable – it is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. I don’t like the idea – but I don’t think that there is any other way for us to survive as a civilization into the future. Technology is advancing too quickly and eventually suicide bombers will have access to nuclear class weapons. A single world government can unite people so that a war between the US and Iran is just as unlikely as a war between Texas and Vermont. Bush is the only politician who I have heard use the term ‘New World Order’ – and apparently it was a plan started by his father when he ran the CIA. (William Cooper) I don’t believe that Bush and Obama are in league on this initiative.

The End

Thanks for writing this – I love discussions like these.

I do know a lot of people with the same or very similar ideas – the only differences that I see if that the people I know who think like that are all behind Obama.